Hokkai Sushi   690 Roosevelt Rd  Glen Ellyn,IL60137   (630) 545-9933
Hokkai Sushi
690 Roosevelt Rd
Glen EllynIL 60137
 (630) 545-9933

Reviews Of Hokkai Sushi

4.73 242 Reviews
Samui Shiiba
Dec 31, 2017

The jelly sake is amazing!

mike paps
Dec 16, 2017

this shit is so fire drop that fresh andrew jackson and get the all you can eat gas pack. shits fire as fuck thank you for listening

Maria Saenz
Nov 21, 2017

Stephanie Taylor
Nov 11, 2017

My favorite place ever! They have the best all you can eat selection and it is my all time favorite

Rosa Calaveras
Nov 08, 2017

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